Booking An Appointment


The information provided during your session is for personal or educational purposes only. You are responsible for any actions you may take, or decisions you make based either directly or indirectly on the information you receive during your session. I do not make predictions.I read probabilities and possibilities. What you decide to do with the information is your choice. At no time should any response given be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact, and a reading is not a substitute for same. For legal reasons, I must advise you that the session is for entertainment purposes only. By paying for a or accepting a reading with Medium Julia Marie, you are agreeing that you understand there are no guarantees or warranties, express or implied and that you are responsible for any decisions made or actions taken.

Julia Marie reserves the right to terminate a reading during the course of the appointment for any reason. Depending upon the circumstances, an appropriate refund will be issued.

(See the Termination and Cancellation policy for further details.)