Julia Marie is a medium, intuitive, artist, healer and teacher. She has an international clientele, and does readings for people from Europe to Australia and the Caribbean and across the United States and Canada.

Growing up, Julia Marie was very connected to the Spirit World. Her mother always said she was a sensitive child, and Julia saw a glimpse of her first past life while walking in a forest in Germany when she was 8 years old. Her home life was not supportive of this type of experience, and Julia closed herself off from the greater world she was so intimately connected to: the realm of Spirit.

In 1987, Julia Marie’s spiritual connection was re-awakened when she experienced a spontaneous activation of her healing abilities. The next few years brought a radical shift in the direction of her life.

Her connection deepened, and she began doing drawings of others’ Spirit Guides and Past Lives. She would pass on information that came to her as she was working on the art. Before long, she was offering intuitive readings and doing energy healing for others.

After almost two decades of doing readings, her mediumistic ability began to reveal itself. While drawing a client’s Soul Print™, a representation of the Soul’s journey, she became aware of a person that wasn’t a Spirit Guide or Past Life of the client’s, but who Julia felt was clearly connected to the person. Julia Marie included the image of this man on the client’s drawing. When she showed the drawing to the client, the woman began to cry and said ‘That’s my Dad.’

Although Julia Marie did not intend nor desire to be a medium, this drawing marked the beginning of the most deeply satisfying phase of her journey in service to Spirit. She soon discovered the healing power of such communication for both those in the Spirit World and the people they left behind in this one. She now devotes herself to giving voice to those in Spirit, delivering their messages to the loved ones still here.

She continues her development as a medium and has trained with Lisa Williams (Certified Julia Marie in 2011),  Andy Byng, Suzanne Giesemann, Colin Bates, and Mavis Pittilla.

Julia Marie is originator of Deepening Connection/Expanding Awareness™, an integrated approach to living a spirit-guided life in this 3D world. Julia Marie established The Academy for the Intuitive Arts, and teaches classes and workshops in her area. She offers private mentoring in both intuitive and mediumship development.

She has a BA in psychology and a JD.

Julia Marie has received training and certifications in many areas of metaphysics, spirituality, and the healing arts, and continues to hone her skills in these areas with a focus on classes and courses that enhance her work.

Education, certifications and training include:

  • BA in Psychology and an advanced degree (JD)
  • Usui Reiki Master and Teacher 1989
  • Shamanic Training from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies
  • Sound Healing Training with Sharry Edwards (Levels I & II)
  • Toe Reading Course with SWIHA
  • Certified in Past Life Regression (Delores Cannon’s QHHT Method)
  • Certified Regressionist with the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training (40 hours in residence)
  • Certified Medium training with Lisa Williams
  • Certified in Projective Dream Work through MIPD (Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work) with Jeremy Taylor
  • Year-long Medium Mentorship with Mavis Pittilla 2018
  • Ordained Minister Church of Universal Life 2015

Other Classes and Courses Include:

  • Trance Mediumship
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Color Readings
  • Private Sittings
  • Forensic Mediumship
  • Evidential Mediumship
  • Spirit Art
  • Automatic Writing



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